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Adsorption, Aggregation and Structure Formation in the Systems of Charged Particles: From Colloidal to Supracolloidal Assembly
Applications of the Novel Soft Matter Deposition Technique, RIR-MAPLE: Organic Solar Cells and Graded Index Anti-Reflection Coating
Characterization of Amino Acid Adsorption to InxGa1-xN Gradient Surfaces.
Design of Optimal Surface Topography for Anti-Fouling Surfaces by Computer Simulation
Dielectrophoretic assembly of complex particles
Effect of negative charges on flexibility of single stranded DNA
Engineering new classes of soft matter actuators using ionic hydrogels
Functional Foams from Biopolymers
Functionalization of Polar and Nonpolar GaN
Ionic conductivity as a means of monitoring polymer network formation
Large-Scale Synthesis of Gold Nanorods with Tailored Surface Plasmon Resonances
Liquid Shear Nano-fabrication of Polymeric Fibers
Modified Silicone Elastomers for the Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water
Organic Solvent Resistant Microfluidic Systems Using Replica-Molded Poly(vinylmethylsiloxane)
Polymer Brush Degrafting and Analysis of Molecular Weight
Polymer Shrink Folding for Heated Thickfilms and Microwaved Thin Films
Principles and Engineering of Self-Propelling Particles
Realization of Hybrid Organic Solar Cell and Antimicrobial Polymer Surface by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation
Scalable liquid shear-driven synthesis of polymer nanomaterials
Smart Foams: How to Control the Foam Stability?
Surface Assemblies of Temperature-Responsive Polypeptides
Swelling of a Polyelectrolyte Brush by Humidity as Measured by Neutron Reflectivity
Synthesis and Characterization of Environmentally benign Nanoparticles
Tension Amplification in Branched Macromolecules on the ability of the pom-pom and dendrimer topology to modulate internal tension