5th Annual Triangle Soft Matter Workshop, May 2013

The Fifth Triangle Soft Matter Workshop will be held on Monday, May 13, 2013 at Duke University’s Schiciano Auditorium, FCIEMAS.


The goal of this workshop is to spark interactions and collaborations between the research groups in the Triangle area.  The workshop format is very informal, and an emphasis is placed on spurring conversations between researchers in all areas of soft matter research. “Soft matter” here is defined very broadly, and it includes (but is not limited to) work in polymers, colloid science, synthetic and naturally occurring biomaterials, and condensed matter physics. To facilitate interactions, all participants are encouraged to give short Soundbites of their current work and  Posters with more details.

SOUNDBITES: EVERYONE who attends the workshop is encouraged to give a 2-3 min update (soundbite) of their current work. If you wish to present a “soundbite”, please indicate this on your registration. We are going to compile all presentations into a PDF document which will be accessible on-line.

POSTER SESSION: We will have three poster sessions during coffee breaks throughout the workshop. There will be flex screens that can accommodate 36”x42” posters. If you wish to present a poster, please indicate this on your registration. One TSM Best Poster AWARD will be selected during poster presentations.

A Keynote Address will be delivered by Dan Hammer, from University of Pennsylvania.

The Workshop will feature Short Talks by local researchers from UNC, Duke, and N.C. State.

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